Right Livelihood

Professional Guidance for Finding Your Purpose in the World of Work

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Right Livelihood

We are each equipped with unique gifts that are meant to be used.

Every one of us has a set of skills that we are motivated to use, whether or not we recognize them or have a name for them.

My goal as a counselor/career coach is to help you discover what they are and then act as your partner to develop and market those gifts and skills. 

When we are in the right job, our self esteem is fed. We can feel the joy, and others do too; it is contagious.

When using our gifts, we participate in fulfilling our purpose and contributing positively to society as a result.


About Maxine


Maxine Skuba is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 30 years of experience who specializes in Career Concerns and Life Transitions.

She can help you gain:

  • Confidence—To help you grow a stronger self confidence and self-esteem as you learn what is “right” about you.

  • Forward Momentum—To help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

  • Life Satisfaction—To help you be more satisfied with yourself and have a greater awareness of your strengths.

She offers individual counseling sessions and right livelihood groups in the Dayton and Yellow Springs, Ohio and surrounding areas.



Maxine’s method is a wonderful journey of self-discovery. The tools she used enabled me to align my personality traits with my career goals, and the result surprised me. With this new knowledge of myself, I was able to find work that plays to my strengths. Career counseling with Maxine Skuba is time well spent!
— K.M., Dayton, OH
Few people possess the passion of connecting people with their true career paths as Maxine. As a professional mental health worker she has developed a fantastic system for assessing her clients’ skills, interests and dispositions to help reveal the best career path. As a former client I have worked with her to my great advantage. Others would testify the same as she has a very creative and unique way of helping her clients to unravel their own passions.
— T.S., Dayton, OH
With Maxine’s help I was able to focus about the direction I wanted to take, and I am so happy to be where I am!
— N.P., Yellow Springs, OH

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